Winter Care with Coconut Oil!

The wonder that is Coconut Oil is pretty well known, and many of you have already stocked up on our 100% Certified Organic, Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. If you haven't tried it yet, this season is the perfect time to usher in the Coconutty Goodness of this uber-awesome, multi-faceted product.

Here's 6 Winter Care Tips to get you going:

Winter Care Tip #1: Hair Conditioner
Our hair can get dry & frizzy real fast due to the cold weather, chilly winds & lack of moisture in the air. Apply a fair amount of Virgin Coconut Oil right before bedtime & allow the healing & repair to happen overnight. The Vitamin E in the oil helps nourish the hair from the inside out - emolliating the scalp & rebuilding the hair protein, making it less prone to breakage. With just one application, you will notice a bouncy, soft & smooth texture sans the frizz!

Winter Care Tip #2: Make Up Remover
The usual makeup removers can do more harm than good, especially during the winter season. Make the switch with Coconut Oil, & wipe off even waterproof makeup & muck without drying out your skin. It will deeply nourish your skin & immediately lend a supple texture, making for an excellent oil-based cleanser.

Winter Care Tip #3: Body Oil
Coconut Oil works well as a Body Moisturiser too - not only does it smell delicious it's an excellent emollient, light & moisturising. Take a handful of it and massage onto your skin right after a shower, sealing in the moisture & nourishing the skin, all the while giving it a luscious sheen! No need for expensive body lotions or body oils, when one little thing can do the trick!

Winter Care Tip #4: Overnight Lip Mask
We adore our lip colours, but they sure can leave your pout chapped & flaky, especially in this season. Simply applying some Coconut Oil to your lips & leaving it overnight can have you wake up to a hydrated, glossy & luscious pout!

Move over pricey lip treatments; we're nuts over coconuts, all the way!

Winter Care Tip #5: Cuticle Cream
Keep your nails healthy and happy by rubbing just a tiny amount of Coco Oil and pushing back your cuticles. Get on with the routine on both your hands & feet, massaging right before bedtime & letting it stay overnight. Not only will it revitalise your nails & cuticles, but it'll also do wonders for your hands & feet, doing away with all the dry & the patchy for supple & smooth skin!

Winter Care Tip #6: Shaving Cream
Skip the innumerable shaving creams & go natural - opt for Coconut Oil as your all-in-one shaving cream alternative. It will prevent razor burns & dry legs, leaving them super soft, shiny, smooth, & moisturised!

You'll be sure to go only for Coconut Oil & Coconut Oil alone, once you try these simple, handy & effortless tips out!

Morning Rituals with Coconut Oil!
Waking up to a beautiful morning is the perfect time to plan up for a fantastic day ahead, and Virgin Coconut Oil is the ideal companion to go about it! With innumerable uses & benefits, it's an all-encompassing oil cum superfood that seamlessly fits into your life - an excellent option for both inner & outer holistic wellbeing.

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