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Coco Favorites

Coconut & Rose Face ScrubCoconut & Rose Face Scrub

Coconut & Rose Face Scrub

Rs. 695
Coconut & Almond Body BarCoconut & Almond Body Bar

Coconut & Almond Body Bar

Rs. 590
Coconut & Mint Lip-balmCoconut & Mint Lip-balm

Coconut & Mint Lip-balm

Rs. 595
Coconut & Almond Lip-BalmCoconut & Almond Lip-Balm
Sold out

Coconut & Almond Lip-Balm

Rs. 595


Your hair is just one of the things that will feel absolutely fantastic.

Customer stories

"Maintaining good skin is a task these days with all the pollution and harmful chemicals around, it is very important to use products that are not harsh on your skin, these guys are 100% natural and organic. Honestly, I’m pleased with each and every product that I’ve used from “The Coconut people”. Along with the promising benefits, all their products have an earthy note to them and are very pure and refreshing. My skin feels happy :)"

- Amreen

“I have used three products from The Coconut People and they’re absolutely gorgeous. The body scrub exfoliates without drying, their coconut oil works excellent as a massage oil and the lip balm has been my go to. Moisturising and at the same time soothes lips.”

- Khadija

"Coconut oil smells incredible, you get that freshness everytime you apply it on your face. I have been using coconut oil as my face cream, body moisturiser & hair serum/ conditioner. Your hair gets more silky & smooth after applying just a few drops of oil on wet hair & it does the work of serum & conditioner both. Moreover, their bottle has a wide mouth which is very easy to use in winters when the oil hardens & sets. It also makes your skin really soft & you start to feel that the skin is more healthier. I had chapped lips & none of the lip balms really suited me until I used this one. Before this I used to use ghee but you can’t carry that everywhere so it used to be a problem. Almond & coconut lip balm is really nourishing & leaves a blush shade to your lips."

- Ratika Khandelwal

" is a fair trade ethical brand that brings to you the purest coconut derived products to enrich your body inside out 💕 They make everything from pure coconut oil to scrubs, lip balms, soaps and candles! All made with cold pressed 100% virgin coconut oil and formulations to make you fall in love with your skin ❤️ Receiving their package has made me survive winter with the most moisturized skin ever! Contrary to popular belief, if you do have acne prone skin, you still can use coconut oil in various ways, it's an absolute must have! also ensure plastic free packaging and shipping ✨It has been an absolute joy to have gotten to know and use this brand 🌴"

- Hansa Hatrote

"I personally believe that coconut oil fixes everything and the coconut oil by TCP is that one thing I swear by. I've used it on my hair and skin and I must say it is an inevitable product for folks with dry, sensitive skin (such as mine). Super nourishing!! TCP is truly a flag bearer of all things coconuts."

- Shresta saha

"The sensible and calming packaging caught my eye. Used the oil for no-bake vegan desserts and even for body massages! It was the essence for me that I couldn't get enough of. :)"

- Priya Uttam


Coconut is at the heart of what we do. It carries the mission of what we feel and try to put forth as a company - which is to build an organic, clean and sustainable haven that humbly borrows from mother nature's treasure troves and returns it with integrity and respect through earth-friendly packaging and zero wastage practices. 

Come celebrate nature with us.

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