How To Use Coconut Oil In Indian Cooking?

Usage of Coconut oil in Indian cooking is not a new phenomenon, especially on our coasts like Goa and Kerala, where fresh virgin coconut oil is available commonly and is used every day. For years now, there has been a debate on the use of coconut oil for daily consumption to the extent that it has even been deemed poisonous (ridiculous, we know!). However, we Indians know better! 

With a lot of Indians focussing on getting fitter over the last few years, the use of coconut oil has ameliorated. Thanks to its high nutritive value, coconut oil is now frequently being used in Buddha Bowls, raw salads, vegan recipes, making butter, baking - you name it, and we've done it! 

As per the research conducted by Harvard University,  the consumption of coconut oil has increased multifold around the globe, thanks to its numerous benefits and endorsements from celebrities around the globe. But how does one use this oil in every day Indian cooking? Here are some ideas! 

In Your Tadkas/Tempering: 

For starters, most of the oil used in Indian cooking is during the ‘tadka’ or tempering process. Virgin coconut oil heats up faster - that means no more waiting around for your oil to get heated up in the kitchen! Just replace your slow-heating oils with some fragrant coconut oil for your ‘tadka’ and amp up the flavour of your dals and curries! 

In Your Stir-Fries: 

What if we told you, your stir-fry recipes can be made healthier? All you have to do is swap your regular oil for some good old coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil’s smoke point is an ideal 350℃ - making it easier for you to stir-fry your veggies in it, quickly. Try making your favourite Desi-style Stir-Fried Vegetables with this recipe

 Hello, Veganism:

If you thought veganism is boring and only includes raw food - here’s busting that myth real quick! Most Indian food can easily be made vegan with just a few tweaks. In most vegan cooking virgin coconut oil is used in its raw form to drizzle over salads or add to Buddha bowls. In Indian dishes too, all you need to do is swap out your ghee with some virgin coconut oil for healthier recipes. Craving some Keralite food? Try your hand at this super easy recipe using coconut oil, today! 

In Yummy Desserts and Mithai:

Aside from traditional Indian cooking, coconut oil can also be used in whipping up a quick cake! Ever since the lockdown, many of us have taken to baking our Banana Bread or Brownies. Use coconut oil in your instant mug-cakes or those traditional plum cakes. Craving some good-ol’ mithai? Make your festivities yummier, and swap out ghee for coconut oil while making coconut barfis and laddoos - not only does this make your mithai tastier, but is a plant-based alternative for your favourite desserts! 

Like they say, “You are what you eat!”. So don’t think twice about incorporating coconut oil into your diet. If you have doubts about where to find some organic, cold-pressed coconut oil, we’ve got you covered - shop now!

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