Why We Can’t Stop Being Coco-Nuts!

Coconuts were always a big part of our tropical, Southern-Indian upbringing and we just had to bring its awesome-ness to everyone. It's a wonderful thing to be able to imbibe the best of different cultures around the world, and this is our eco-good contribution to the broader lives we've begun to lead. 

Our obsession with coconuts has also got a lot to do with their incredible versatility, sustainability and nurturing abilities. Born in tropical coastal lands and imbued with the labour of love by local plantation owners, this wonderful tree promises a sustainable and cleaner way of living. And that's what we are all about! It is the best instance of nature serving nature and we wanted to share this spirit with the whole world.

Lovingly Called “The Tree Of Life” Around The World

For centuries, people have explored various aspects of the coconut tree and the nutritional benefits it holds. Through this search have come some groundbreaking discoveries and remedies for wellness. Every fiber of its existence adds to life in some way or the other. Celebrated in cultures & traditions all-over the globe and even worshipped in many religions that have experienced its benefits, it has been rightly dubbed as "Kalpavriksham" or “The Tree Of Life”. 

Potent Ingredients Sourced From Nature's Lap

Our carefully-curated ingredients and potent formulations provide blanket coverage to fulfil your skin's beauty and wellness needs. Often peppered with our humble coconut, our products will keep your wellness game strong. 

Coconuts In, Toxins Out. We Are Doing Beauty Better.

All our products are carefully & scientifically formulated to make the most out of our all-time favourite coconut and nature's best ingredients. 

We are constantly in touch with our producers to ensure that rigorous standards are followed through, so that we get the choicest ingredients to cater to your skin's multiple needs and infuse it with nutrients that will keep it glowing and healthy. 

Environment First. 

We were one of the first companies in India to go plastic-free because we love the environment just as much as we love you. 

We love if something can be re-used or re-purposed effectively! The ideal example for this would be our glass jars, which can be easily up-cycled as part of your home décor, used to grow cute succulents for your work desk or store spices in your kitchen.

We pack our products with bio-degradable, re-cyclable or re-usable packaging to ensure they don't end up as pollutants in landfills. We take sustainability all the way!

Vocal For Local

There is just something about knowing that what you are using is sourced, produced, assembled and made locally by people you can identify with. 

We believe in locally-grown, sourced and made products. This is why we have long-established ties with our producers and plantation owners, who never compromise on the quality of products and are an essential part of our Coco-family. 

Safeguarding Our Furry and Feathered Friends 

None of our products are tested on animals because we love our furry and feathered friends! All our products are made without putting any animal life in danger or harm.

Welcome to our family.