Let's come clean, Shall We?

Have you been told that Soaps are harsher than Body Washes? The answer to that question is a simple ‘no’. But there are certain differences between the two, so let’s begin and see what we find. Shall we?

To Simply Wash And Remove Dirt:

When it comes to a normal bath where the aim is to wash the grime off after a long day of work or a sweaty workout, either a soap or a body wash is both equally effective. Any soap bar enriched with Shea Butter or other essential oils is enough to wash off the dirt and give you a refreshed feeling.

Though a more helpful way might be to know your skin type and see what works best for you.

A Simple Matter of Hygiene:

A lot of us thanks to the pandemic (or even otherwise) are very stringent about our hygiene methods. Keeping this in mind the obvious choice would be a body wash, as soap bars tend to have bacteria on them for longer.

But hey, if you live alone, then you can always choose a simple soap bar made with natural ingredients.

If Your Aim Is To Exfoliate:

In this case, too, you can choose a body wash or a soap bar with pulverized nuts such as Apricots in it. All you need to do is to ensure that the soap is gentle and not scratchy. Some soap bars (from personal experience) come with nuts that are not finely pulverized and tend to scratch the skin. Avoid such soap bars!

When it comes to body washes their texture makes all the difference, since they come in liquid form they are more gentle and soft on the skin.

For a Pampering Day-In:

When it comes to a day of luxurious pampering, one may opt for a body wash. However, a well-formulated soap with high-quality ingredients can work better than a body wash in both exfoliating and softening your skin.

For Sustainability:

An important point to consider. After all, Mama Earth too needs some love. In this matter, Soap Bars take the lead. While body washes come in plastic bottles, soap bars come in far less packaging and can totally avoid the use of plastic, making them more sustainable.

To Maintain The Balance:

This solely depends on the ingredients in your soaps and washes. Read and understand the ingredient list to know which product helps you maintain that natural pH balance. If you don’t understand the list we would recommend you to approach a doctor to understand the nature of the ingredients. There are also several videos and articles that can help you. So, it’s not about soap bars vs body washes here. It is simply about what goes into them.

A safer and easier way to use the right products is to pick natural ones. Enriched with Shea butter, Coconut oil, or other carrier oils like almond. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that the verdict on this debate is that soap bars and body washes are both equally effective. If you want to know where you can find soap bars made from natural ingredients then head to The Coconut People’s website and shop!

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