Virgin coconut oil- The Best Baby Massage Oil During Summers!

Your little bundle of joy is finally in front of you! And you’re all excited to give them the best possible resources. As a new parent, your initial parenting days are all about taking care of your baby and fulfil all their requirements on time. 

We’re totally aware of the chaos and hassle you must be going through, but deep down you’re sure that all of this is worth the pain. The first few months are amazing to bond with your baby. They’re completely dependent on you and you happily take full charge of caring for them. And you definitely want to be doubly sure that you’re doing the right thing for your baby.

Of all the things you do to care for your baby, a gentle massage is an excellent way to give all the natural goodness and strength. Followed as a standard practice by our daadi and naani, a daily oil massage for your babies can do wonders on their overall health and growth.

A good massage has many benefits for your baby such as improving digestion and circulation and easing teething pain. By gentle and rhythmic strokes across your baby’s body, your baby will also feel relaxed and soothing, especially during the summer. Studies have also revealed that baby massage can release the hormone Oxytocin that brings about a loving and reassuring feeling in both your baby and you.

Your baby might be small but they are a little person with their preferences, likes, and dislikes. It might take you a few tries to understand what your baby likes or much rather enjoys. We say, stick to the classics. Make sure to be informed of the age-old massage techniques that our grandmothers used to strengthen our bones and relieve any gastric discomforts when we were babies. Besides the technique, the kind of baby massage oil you use is also very crucial. Do your little person a favour and ditch massage oils in the market. Opt for one that is completely natural, void of any chemicals or preservatives and extracted in the right method in order to pack in maximum nutrients. 

While we are aware of the many virgin coconut oil uses, we often do not associate it with baby care. Coconut oil has always been the elixir in hair care and skincare but not so much for babies. 

Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For Baby Massage

virgin coconut oil for baby massage

Virgin coconut oil as a baby massage oil provides a nourishing effect on baby skin which locks the moisture in and keeps your baby away from dry skin and problems like eczema. Let’s talk about some more benefits of using virgin coconut oil for babies:

    • Babies are super soft but this smushy softness can leave their skin if you don’t moisturize it well. Coconut oil helps. Yes, we’re saying the same thing over and over but trust us, it is so important for your baby to have hydrated skin.
    • Load up your tiny person with all the nutrients in the oil. Massage with virgin coconut helps get them easily absorbed by the skin..
    • You can’t see them but pathogenic microbes are around to make your baby sick! Coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties help ward off their growth.
    • Your baby deserves a spa day too, don’t you think? The smell of virgin coconut oil is pleasant and sweet. Some other baby massage oils have a strong smell that can be a bit too harsh for your baby. It might also lead to headaches that you’ll probably not know about and that just sucks.
  • Virgin coconut oil in summers are an absolute must for your baby. The heat can strip off your baby’s skin of precious natural oils. Virgin coconut oil is the best baby oil as it revives this moisture. It also has a cooling effect on your baby’s body.
  • Your baby’s bum deserves some love too! Use
  • coconut oil for diaper rash.
  • Don’t spend your money on buying those nappy rash creams that are loaded with chemicals. Coconut oil works great, minus any of those toxins
  • How to use virgin coconut oil for babies?

  • virgin coconut oil benefits

    Now that you know the virgin coconut oil benefits, you might be wondering about how to use it for baby massage. 

    The first thing to keep in mind is to pick the right time to massage your baby. It cannot be just after feeding or immediately before. As in, their stomach must not be too empty or too full. They must be in a comfortable state and curious about their environment. Lay your baby down on a clean towel. Pour or scoop out some coconut oil in your hands and rub it between your palms and fingers to warm it up. Then, slowly apply it on your baby’s limbs, gently applying pressure and twisting your hands as you slide through your baby’s incredibly delicate skin. This exercise relaxes your baby and gives you and your partner a chance to bond with your precious baby!

    The virgin coconut oil uses for baby skin are not restricted to just massage. You can use them in their bath water, give a small quantity of coconut oil to relieve constipation, prevent eczema and the list goes on. 

    Your baby is worth the best the world has to offer. Don’t expose them to the chemicals found in baby products today. Place your faith in high-quality, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil as it is much safer for babies as it is an all-natural healer that will improve your baby’s health. 

    P.S.: If you are looking for some options for organic virgin coconut oil, here’s one that is COMPLETELY SAFE for your baby.


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    Can we massage our baby in winter with virgin coconut oil

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    It is suppose to use after bath or before bath

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