Our Stretch Marks are Normal

Our Stretch Marks are Normal 

A lot of us have stretch marks - those white lines you usually see around your waist or arms region. There are a couple of reasons why you get them, weight gain or pregnancy being the main ones. Stretch marks are visible on both men and women and there is nothing wrong with them. 

 What are Stretch Marks?

Thanks to all the body image issues propagated by popular media, a lot of us forget that our bodies undergo a process before looking a certain way. And a natural part of that process is stretch marks. 

They usually occur when our body undergoes rapid changes in shape due to weight gain or growth. Initially, they appear as fine red lines that later change into a different texture around your skin. (We know it sounds gross!) But it is important to understand why these are absolutely normal and why you should learn to love your stretch marks! 

 How Can You Get Rid Of Them?

 This is the most obvious second question, right? Okay, I got them, now what? How do I get rid of them? 

Stretch marks are like scars, so they don’t completely go away, BUT! They do fade to being almost invisible. There are several natural home remedies you can use to help them fade. 

 Coconut Oil:

 You can rub hydrating oils over the area and give it some TLC. Since these are natural remedies it is a long-term process but the effects are positive. The most hydrating oil you can use is coconut oil! It’s readily available and native to India and gives you great results. 

 Aloe Vera:

 We all know that Aloe Vera is used in skincare routines given its hydrating and soothing properties. Some people also believe that it can help with stretch marks as well. Owing to its natural healing attributes it is said to be a good remedy to fade stretch marks.


All you need is to start giving yourself some TLC first! 

 We would like to reinforce on the point that Stretch Marks Are Normal. While there are several remedies you can use to rid your body of these marks, you also need to be okay with them. We are only humans and having them does not define you or your personality.

 These marks do not in any way indicate that you are “out of shape”. It just means that your body is changing and growing. Look at them in a positive light and learn what is happening to your body rather than buying oversized clothes, or covering yourself up. 

Realisation And Acceptance:

If you are somebody who is upset about having stretch marks on your body then we are here to tell you that you don’t have to be. Give them and yourself the time and love needed. Oh! and don’t forget some Coconut Oil! All you need to do is, get your hands on The Coconut People’s 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

 Smile and love yourself :) 

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