How To Use Coconut Oil In Your Pampering Routine

Just as your body and mind feel tired after a long day of meetings, work, and parties, so does your body. That’s why the first thing you can do for your skin is to self-soothe through pampering yourself.

Who says pampering your skin needs to be done at a spa? You can always pamper your skin even in the comfort of your home, with the most effective, yet affordable ingredients. Uninspired? Here are few ways in which you can use simple ingredients like a 100% Virgin Coconut Oil in your pamper routine:

As A Massage Oil:
It’s probably unlikely that you have a collection of massage oils lying around the house. Instead of spending time to find the perfect scent, just add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to your organic Coconut Oil to create a natural and relaxing massage oil.

As A Cuticle Oil:
You don’t need to get to an expensive salon to get beautiful hands and fingernails! Try an at-home manicure with organic Coconut Oil! Soften your cuticles by simply massaging some Coconut Oil around your nails, followed by the other steps.

As A Detox Bath:

Add a slight bit of organic, extra-virgin coconut oil in a bathtub to literally soak in its moisturizing benefits. Make your bath time even more relaxing by throwing in some Epsom salt and your favorite oils like Lavender, Peppermint, or Tea-Tree Essential Oils.

As A Body Scrub:
An at-home exfoliating treatment is a great way to ensure your skin gets the hydrating effects of coconut oil. Did you know that harmful ingredients in exfoliants damage the environment too? None of that at The Coconut People!

As Eye Makeup Remover:
If you’re looking for a gentle way to remove makeup, coconut oil is just what you need! Put a dab of Coconut Oil on a cotton pad or wash cloth and gently spread across your eyes. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly your makeup dissolves!

Only the purest form of coconut oil will give you effective results. Make sure to have one in your vanity, always!

At The Coconut People, we only sell 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil. Our coconut oil contains only one ingredient - ‘Coconut Oil’ and nothing else, making it effective and multifunctional. Check Out Now.

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