5 Reasons Why You Should Use Coconut Oil in the Winter

Using organic virgin coconut oil comes with a lot of benefits - and if you aren’t using it already, winter is the perfect time to begin! Get ready to know all about the benefits you can get from this miracle oil! You can use coconut oil to:

1. Get Silky Strong Hair

Due to cold weather, hair can often become dry and brittle. Give back moisture to your hair using coconut oil by applying it generously to your hair before you go to sleep at night. Coconut oil comes with a lot of vitamin E, which helps your hair grow stronger by rebuilding the protein in your hair. You can also treat it as a leave-in conditioner by using it as an overnight mask, and in the morning you will notice silky smooth hair with a lot less frizz!

2. Remove Your Makeup

No need to use your cleansing milk or your micellar water, even. You can just use coconut oil to wipe away any makeup, dirt or grime from there without the dryness that comes with using other cleansing products. The oil both cleans and moisturizes simultaneously, thus being a wonder cleaner. As soon as you put it on your skin, it’ll start to melt - taking with it everything you wanted to remove in the first place!

3. Hydrate Your Body

Once you have exfoliated your skin, coconut oil can redouble as a body lotion as well. It’s extremely light and moisturizes you inside out. As a bonus, it smells good too! While it can work wonders for the entire body, it most definitely stands out for one area - you can get rid of any dark circles under your eyes by rubbing a small amount of coconut oil. You can finally say goodbye to all those overpriced eye creams now!

4. Fix Dry Lips

You can cure chapped lips very easily by using coconut oil as a lip balm. And not only this, you can mix coconut oil with a lipstick as well - this will not only leave your lips looking the desired colour you want, but the coconut oil will moisturize your lips as well!

5. Shave Without Cream

You don’t always have to reach out to shaving cream during the winters. You can use a thin layer of coconut oil wherever you want to shave - whether it’s the face, the legs, or hands (coconut oil, after all, is not gendered) - and do all your shaving! Not only will this prevent any cuts or burns from the razor, it will also leave you feeling super soft and smooth after a shave, and everybody loves that.

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