Why Go Organic?

The whole world is now slowly realising the merits of weighing our own acts when it comes to the environment. With global warming threatening to wipe the entire human species out of existence, it’s only a matter of time before all of us will have to adopt sustainable practices - or we will no longer survive!

If we all went organic today, our planet might still be in a better position than it was yesterday. At the very least we will need to take slow steps towards recovery, otherwise all our goals of sustainability will be the equivalent of putting out a fire with a bucket of water. It might not be the easiest thing to say, but it’s already too late to save the planet. Still, we cannot give up hope! So far, the planet has been there for us - and now it’s our time to be there for it.

Here are 5 reasons you should go organic:

    1. Organic food is produced without fertilizers or pesticides. This impacts both the body as well the environment in a whole host of ways. For instance, it doesn’t affect the body negatively in any way, and there is no secondary damage caused by pesticides on the crops on which they are used. This translates to a longer life - both of the individual and of the crop!

    2. Organic food is more nutritious! Many recent studies have indicated that consuming a diet heavy in organic foods is healthier than one that contains lesser or no amount of organic food. Organic foods are also usually the cleanest available, since, they are produced in hygienic conditions which do not pose health risks either to the crops or to those who may be working on them.

    3. Organic food is not adulterated in any way. It is common for a lot of producers to use antibiotics and hormones on their poultry and GMOs when it comes to crops. But organic farming puts an end to these harmful practices, and the focus is restored to the natural way of doing things - so that no harm comes to our body or to the plants or animals we may eat!

    4. Organic food is much more healthy! Because organic food is produced in safe conditions, what we end up consuming is also safe from root to tip. As a result of this, it becomes easy to minimise the risk of exposure to stray metals (like mercury and lead) that may make its way into food through the conditions in which it is produced - as this has often been the case with non-organically produced food.

    5. Organic food can help preserve our ecosystems! Organic processes help conserve different varieties of crops, and this translates into higher quality soil. Because there are no chemicals used during organic farming, it doesn’t pose any threatening conditions for underground water storage, and it also helps retain the natural characteristics of a particular habitat. Thus, the environment can continue to grow, as it helps us grow in turn!

These are some of the reasons why you should definitely go organic. Don’t spend your time contemplating whether or not you should - you see the answer in front of you in the form of smog, of bad weather conditions, and the overall deteriorating quality of life. In short, go organic today!

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