6 Surprising Benefits of Coconut Oil!

We’ve all heard of coconut oil being a good source of nourishment for hair. But it can do a lot more than just feed your scalp and give you wonderful locks! Organic Virgin Coconut oil is a holistic product which ensures good health in each aspect of your body - let’s see how.

Here are 6 benefits through which coconut oil can give you better health:

1. Weight Loss

It doesn’t make sense right off the bat: how can something that’s proven to have fats and high calories make you lose weight? But it’s really true!

Coconut oil contains Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which help your body burn more fat. This happens because these MCTs can go directly to your liver from your digestive tract, and as a result, your body can use them for a quick zap of energy!

So, if you consume the same amount of fats in MCTs - as opposed to long-chain fatty acids - then you can burn more calories a day. Yes, it’s that simple!

In addition, coconut oil also curbs your appetite. Several studies recently have indicated that people who eat a lot of MCTs during breakfast consume much lesser food throughout the day than those who don’t! Obviously, one of the reasons for this is how much faster MCTs are metabolized in the body.

2. Dental Health

Coconut oil is a proven way to reduce the number of visits you make to your dentist. Its crowning antibacterial properties make it the perfect way to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

You can use coconut oil in several ways to achieve this, either in a homemade toothpaste, or mouth, or simply by oil pulling. Studies from India show that oil pulling can reduce bad breath, kill harmful bacteria, as well as improve overall dental health!

3. Skin Care

Coconut oil can also help you keep your skin moisturized, youthful, and smooth! This happens because coconut oil is great for hydrating your skin. It’s a very good source of antioxidants, as a result of which it protects you against damage from free radicals and improves your appearance!

The antibacterial properties of coconut oil also ensure that it will keep your skin moist and free from infection if you use it as an aftershave lotion. You can even use it to give relief after a sunburn as well.


4. Antifungal, Antibacterial, and Antiviral

Coconut oil contains lauric acid. This is what fights bacteria in your body and also makes it tough for fungi and viruses to survive.

A lot of health issues (ranging from digestive problems to yeast infections to athlete’s foot) happen when the bad kinds of bacteria, viruses, and fungi grow.

Coconut oil prevents this from happening, due to its high lauric acid content. One study showed that it’s an effective treatment for various yeast infections, and it can also fight staph infections as well!


5. Promotes Brain Health

One specific study of old patients (diagnosed with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease) indicated that the MCTs in coconut oil accounted for an improvement in their powers of retention. After consuming coconut oil, they showed a distinct improvement in memory recall. This most likely happened because coconut oil could be easily absorbed into their body and made use of by the brain, without insulin being a part of the process.

When you consume coconut oil, the MCTs in it go directly to your liver from your digestive tract and become ketones. If you’ve heard of the keto diet, this is the principle on which it is based. Your body enters a state called “ketosis” after eating very few carbohydrates and a large amount of fat. It significantly helps in weight loss. With regular consumption of coconut oil, the concentration of ketones in the blood increases.

6. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Although coconut oil is full of saturated fats, it actually raises the amount of HDL cholesterol - the good kind of cholesterol! - in your body. If you regularly consume coconut oil, over time, it will result in a healthier cholesterol profile due to the increased HDL cholesterol and the decreased LDL cholesterol - the harmful kind. And this is great news because it means reduced risk of heart disease!

So there you have it, folks. A lowdown on all the health benefits of coconut oil because, all things considered, it’s really not just for your hair.



Can you narrate how and when to have coconut oil to get the benefit described in your blog

Rohak March 19, 2020

I need the half kg pack pl. That costs rs 900 odd . I will be grateful , if u furnish me details of that . Thanks Lucy

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