Organic Coconut Oil for Babies.

“Elixir of Life” as it is called, Coconut Oil is replete with natural, holistic goodness that nurtures every aspect of our lives. But amongst its innumerable uses and benefits, a significant one is the boundless love and nourishment it lends to babies.

As tempting as it feels to touch their pillowy soft skin, it is incredibly sensitive to germs, infections and environmental exposure. But there is no real need to reach out for expensive products to soothe your little one. Fortunately, almost all of a young baby’s skincare and haircare needs can be fulfilled by a trusted jar of Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil sans the additives and synthetics that can be found in fancy baby care.


Why Ditch Expensive Personal Care Products for your Baby

Like we mentioned, your little bundle of joy has 10× more vulnerable and sensitive skin as compared to adults. Moreover, it gets exposed to countless toxic chemicals via personal care products every day. Not only have these chemicals never been tested for safety, but they also get absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream - posing serious health problems that may aggravate till adulthood. 

Be it common issues like rashes, allergies, skin, eye & respiratory irritation or severe problems like cancers, hormonal disruptions, respiratory illnesses & developmental disorders, the repercussions are real. But, since it is next to impossible to know & avoid the exhaustive list of these harmful ingredients, we can, however, replace them with safe, natural alternatives like the non-toxic, gentle care of coconut oil.


Pampering Your Baby with Coconut Oil

Pro-Baby Massage Oil

Baby massages are a time-tested way to bond with your little one, ensuring absolute nourishment and relaxation. Coconut oil works as a great massage oil - effectively locking in moisture into the skin while protecting against pathogens. Its subtle yet sweet, delicate wispy aroma further aids in soothing the little one’s senses to ensure deep, relaxed sleep.

Healthy Hair & Scalp

Coconut oil is also exceptional for a baby’s scalp and hair. Gently massaging it onto the babies’ scalp nourishes hair from the roots - retaining moisture and preventing cradle cap while detangling the wispy strands. It also helps keep infestation like lice and dandruff at bay, thanks to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It boosts the overall health of the scalp and hair while promoting hair growth in infants.

Diaper Rashes No More

The naturally antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil make it a wonderful solution for diaper rashes and itching. Apart from excessive dryness, urine absorption and diaper quality tend to irritate the skin, leading to redness and infections. Coconut oil moisturizes and protects the skin from pathogens, acting as a barrier between the soiled diaper and affected skin. It soothes the inflammation while preventing the further occurrence and spread of the rashes. 

Soothes Insect Bites

Susceptibility to insect bites is a major concern when taking your baby outdoors. The slightest exposure or bite can flare up itching, inflammation, or worse - infection. Thankfully, applying a layer of the oil before stepping out goes a long way in ensuring your little one’s protection. Just like in the case of diaper rashes, coconut oil’s naturally anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties help soothe and heal an insect bite without any side effects.

Maintains Gut Health

Just like in the case of adults, coconut oil helps boost and maintain gut health for babies. Being a rich source of essential fats and antioxidants, it promotes healthy gut bacteria, eases digestion and regulates bowel movement. Packed with healthy fats, it supports brain function and the nervous system’s development in babies. It also boosts immunity and provides easily available energy for growing babies - matching the lipid content of mother’s milk.

Babies are sensitive and it is up to us to ensure we do our best for their protection and wellbeing. The wonders of coconut oil have aided generations of young ones and adults alike, so why look anywhere else for our toddlers?! Let’s give them the gentle, nourishing and non-toxic care of organic, virgin coconut oil, sans the nasties!

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