[Tried & Tested] All-Purpose Virgin Coconut Oil Uses That You Need To Try!

It is true what they say: ‘I’ve got 99 problems and coconut oil solves 86 of them.’ You might think we are exaggerating but you’ll agree with us when you try it for yourself. Virgin coconut oil is an all-rounder. We’re going to tell you how you can scrap the expensive make-up and chemical-laden skincare products in exchange for organic virgin coconut oil to enhance your health and skin. While we are often fascinated with the Moroccan argan oil and olive oil for skincare, we often look past the humble coconut oil that is so easily available and wonderful for the health of your body and skin.

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil For Skin


virgin coconut oil for face

We get it. For the uninitiated, applying oil on your skin could feel weird initially and could be a total no-no if you have oily skin. But here’s the thing: organic coconut oil has the real potential to revolutionize your skincare regime and it can do so in more than one way. Once you have identified what your issues are, you can go ahead and decide how you want to incorporate this wonderful potion into your beauty routine. Virgin coconut oil is extremely popular amongst beauty bloggers across the globe and you ought to give it a try too! Here are some ideas on how to use coconut oil for your skin.

  • As a skin softener: Want supple and smooth skin that not only feels great but also looks bright and healthy? Massage your body with some virgin coconut oil every night before you hit the sack. It is the perfect night cream that will replenish your skin with many vital nutrients. Follow this religiously to see the difference. You can also use coconut oil for dry skin problems like eczema.
  • As a cleanser: If you use a lot of makeup on your face, it can cause blemishes, acne and pigmentation. We already know that make-up HAS to be removed before we turn in for the night but doing it with coconut oil is a whole lot different from doing it with a chemically-laden remover. It is all-natural and removes make-up from the very pores. Beauty bloggers worldwide like Farah Dhukai swear by this.
  • As an anti-aging cream: You’ll ultimately age and there is a certain beauty to it. But you can do so gracefully and naturally with some beneficiary changes in your regular skincare routine. The saturated fats found in coconut oil can help combat wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation.

To make a facepack with coconut oil for anti-aging, take 2-3 slices of ripe avocado, ½ tsp of raw organic honey and ½ tsp of coconut oil. Mix them well and apply a generous layer of the pack on your face and neck. Leave it on for 15-30 minutes and wash it off with cool water. Pat dry and finish off with a good anti-aging cream or moisturizer.

  • As a scrub: Dead skin could be a bummer and could take away your skin’s glow. Make an all-natural scrub that you can use for your face, body and lips with organic virgin coconut oil. Mix it with your regular sugar or coffee grounds and voila, your very own home-made scrumptious scrub is ready.

These are our top favourite ways to use coconut oil but the possibility is endless!

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair


virgin coconut oil uses for haircare

Organic Virgin coconut oil for hair when used regularly can increase the length of your hair, nourish your scalp and maintain the sebum levels in your hair. Here are some top ways to use coconut oil for your hair:

  • As a deep-conditioning hair mask: Coconut oil hair mask is the most popular way of applying it to your hair as it is combined with other healthy ingredients such as eggs, olive oil, castor oil, honey and curd to restore damaged hair and bring more shine. Moreover, it easily penetrates into the hair strands and prevents protein loss.
  • As an anti-frizz serum: Hate it when your hair doubles in size due to frizz? You can mix coconut oil with some water and aloe vera gel and spray it on your hair. It will leave your hair looking smooth and polished.
  • As an anti-dandruff treatment: Virgin Coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce the levels of yeast on the scalp that lead to inflammation, flaking, and itching often associated with dandruff. You can heat some coconut oil and massage it gently into your scalp. For added effect, you can steam a hot towel and wrap it around your head for at least an hour. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil For Cooking


virgin coconut oil uses for cooking

If you are new to cooking with coconut oil, a little research on the internet will give you many interesting coconut oil recipes that are both healthy and extremely delicious. In many parts of India and some other Asian countries, edible coconut oil has been a staple. Frying, cooking, and baking invariably see the use of coconut oil. The best advice we can give you if you are a new to the coconut oil tribe, always invest in the best coconut oil for cooking. It makes a whole lot of difference, taste-wise, and health-wise

  • Virgin Coconut oil for diabetes: Virgin coconut oil possesses medium-chain fatty acids that hold the power of lowering fat buildup and sustaining insulin action in fat tissue and muscle. This largely helps in reducing type-2 diabetes. They can successfully reduce blood glucose levels too.
  • Virgin Coconut oil for weight loss: While many people think that obesity is associated with the number of calories consumed, the truth is, in fact, more in the sources of those calories. You might wonder how virgin coconut oil can help in weight loss as it contains saturated fats. But, the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) present in coconut oil boosts the number of calories you burn.

Coconut oil is a multipurpose gift from nature that holds the power of solving so many of your skin, health and hair problems. If you choose to adopt the coconut oil lifestyle, make sure to purchase only organic and cold-pressed coconut oil for best results. Choosing the right virgin coconut oil can do wonders in speeding up your journey to amazing hair, soft skin, and better health. The Coconut People offer you chemical-free, 100% natural cold-pressed coconut oil in plastic-free packaging. Buy yourself a jar here to experience the real thing.

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