5 Effective Tips to Naturally Detox Your Body

You have had too many glasses of wine, soaked it up with pizza and completely forgot about the cheese butter sandwich you devoured as your breakfast. And now you have got guilt.  To get rid of the guilt (and the calories), cue a panic detox diet.

But which detox diet to choose from?  When we searched for it online, there were so many options that we felt overwhelmed. And a little confused. And a tad depressed.

So we turned to the experts and got a unanimous response that our body already has a wonderful detoxification system in place. Turns out, while we are planning a detoxification diet, our livers are already working to eliminate toxins from our body.

To detoxify your body you need not give up all the food you love or go on a strict 3-day detoxification diet. Your best bet is to follow lifestyle practices that will aid-up the natural detoxification system of the body.

#TheCoconutPeople have compiled 5 effective tips that will help naturally detox your body

1. Edit (Not Eliminate) ‘Sugar’ From Your Life

Trying to find a way to do a natural detox? Start by cutting down on the amount of sugar you consume. And by sugar, we mean honey and artificial sweeteners as well. Mind you, we are not asking you to completely eliminate sugar from your life but to regulate your sugar consumption.

High consumption of sugary and highly processed foods can lead to obesity and other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. These diseases hamper the normal functioning of liver and kidneys thereby hindering your body’s ability to naturally detoxify itself.

By cutting down on sugar you can keep your body’s detoxification system healthy.

Also, sugars make you feel lethargic and at a loss of energy. That is the reason why you feel low in energy after a sugary dessert but a lot more energetic after eating veggies and proteins.

When you have a craving for something sweet, refrain from having those doughnuts, cookies, and cupcakes and swap them with healthier alternatives such as fresh fruits and nuts. Add a small amount of dark chocolate to your daily diet that helps curb your sweet cravings.

2. Stop Considering ‘Fats’ As Your Enemies

And we mean fats and not carbs. Our body needs fat to detox. Incorporating natural fats in your diet is essential for the proper functioning of your body and brain. When you give your body healthy fats, it releases toxins from deep within. As an added benefit, they keep you fuller for a longer period and prevent weight gain.

The best natural fat to consume is ‘Ghee’. It is without any lactose or casein and can be even consumed by those who are lactose intolerant.

Fibers are crucial for detoxification too as they regulate the digestion process and help the body get rid of toxins and waste. Add some oats, flax seeds and green leafy vegetables and you have the perfect recipe for a healthy, toxin-free body.

3. Drink More Water

Staying well hydrated is important for detoxification. Because water does much more than just quenching your thirst. It regulates the body temperature, aids in digestion, and detoxifies your body by removing waste products from it.

Your body continuously releases wastes in the form of urea and carbon dioxide. These toxins can be very harmful if not flushed out from the blood.

When you drink sufficient water, it helps in removing these wastes from the body through urination, breathing, or sweating.

A moderately active person should drink a minimum of 3-4 litres of water every day.

4. Add Coconut Oil to Your Diet

Coconut oil has been known to be a healthy addition to your daily diet. Replace those ‘refined oils’ with cold-pressed and virgin coconut oil to naturally flush out the toxins from your body.

Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids that are transported directly to the liver to be used as energy. This kind of fat can give you energy when you need it and is ideal for detoxifying the body.

It is also believed to help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels and it keeps the natural detoxification system of the body healthy.

A lot of people also opt for ‘coconut oil detox’ where they only consume a few tbsp. of coconut oil every few hours for 3 to 4 days (along with plenty of water). This process helps in detoxification along with decent weight loss.

5. Finally, Adapt Detoxification As a Lifestyle

Detoxification is not a one-time process that you can achieve by going on a fast or following a week-long diet. It is a continuous process that demands certain dietary changes and lifestyle practices. It keeps the body’s natural and highly efficient detoxification system healthy. Eat healthy, reduce sugar and salt intake, limit alcohol consumption, and exercise daily to enhance your overall well-being. 


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