Thinking of switching to Virgin coconut oil for hair care? Here’s all you need to know!

How has your hair been treating you off late? The rains, the wind, the pollution, the stress - it always takes a toll on your hair. Having tried all kinds of treatments and waking up disappointed everyday can be a taxing feeling and hence, if you have been thinking of switching to something natural, virgin coconut oil for hair is a great bet! Here’s how virgin coconut oil for hair can combat some common problems:

1. Coconut oil for grey hair

    Premature greying is one of the most widespread hair problems. While going to a salon for a hair colour is the fastest way to cover your greys, it is also the most harmful in the long run.

    Coconut oil, when mixed with some other nutritious herbs like lemon, amla, curry leaves and henna, can make for a great reverse greying agent for hair.

    2. Coconut oil for hair growth

    The blend of coconut and castor oil has been known for ages to help in hair growth. If you have been looking out for natural remedies to induce some more volume to your hair, try this simple oil mask. 

    • Coconut oil and Castor oil - Heat both the oils in equal quantities and apply to hair length and scalp. Leave coconut oil in hair overnight. Wash off with warm water and a mild shampoo.

    3. Coconut oil for hair loss

      Hair loss in this era is an unavoidable problem. It occurs throughout age groups and can be a cause of huge worry as well as embarrassment. However, not all hope is lost when it comes to finding a tried and tested remedy for hair loss. Coconut oil contains natural nutrients and antioxidants like Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Iron that helps promote hair growth. A warm oil massage on the scalp stimulates the hair follicles which is key to hair re-growth.

      • Coconut oil and hibiscus flowers - Crush some hibiscus petals and boil it 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and apply the mixture on the scalp for some gorgeous hair.

      4. Coconut oil for dyed hair

      Coconut oil when massaged on your hair before a colouring session helps protect the hair from the many damaging chemicals. 

      • Free your hair from all kinds of tangles. Warm some extra virgin coconut oil and mix it with some warm water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and spritz it all over your hair and massage it in. The water will soften your hair and help penetrate the oil better so the chemicals cause less damage.

      5. Coconut oil for dandruff

      If you did not know this yet, dandruff isn't seasonal and has a hereditary history to it. Dandruff is a form of eczema on the scalp and causes dry, flaky skin. While the reasons for the same may vary, the end result is the same - dry, flaky scalp. Coconut oil can tackle the dryness that dandruff causes but will not be healing dandruff from its root since it does not contain active ingredients to cure dandruff. Hence, while you use medication to cure dandruff, coconut oil can help diminish the harsh effects of those medicines and chemicals.

      6. Coconut oil for split ends and frizz

      Frizzy hair in this tropical climate is something everyone suffers from, even the biggest of the celebrities. If you too are someone who has been looking for ways to tame those unruly, flying strays of yours, extra virgin coconut oil is the answer. Just take some oil on your fingertips and topically apply on the ends of your hair for a quick fix to split ends. The leftover oil on your fingertips can be wiped over the flyaways to put them in place. 

      7. Coconut Oil to protect from sun damage

      Coconut oil is a natural SPF and helps protect hair from natural sun damage and dryness. To make a great leave-in sunscreen serum, mix extra virgin coconut oil with some grapeseed oil and pure rosewater. Mix it well and apply it as a leave-in serum to protect your hair against the harmful rays of the sun. Make sure to not use a lot of the product as that may lead your hair to become limp and greasy, especially if you suffer from an oily scalp.

      There is no dearth of brands selling virgin coconut oil, but choosing one that promises to use the best of coconuts cultivated to get its oil extracted from will save you money, time and hair. The Coconut People’s cold-pressed coconut oil packed in a hygienic glass jar is made with the highest quality coconuts from Kerala. So why wait any further? Go ahead and buy our 100% virgin coconut oil now at a discounted price of  10% on your first order.

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