Organic Coconut Oil: An Indispensable Item for Every Minimalist Home

Are you a minimalist?

How many of us still have clothes with tags on or a diary we bought just because it’s cute -- Or have two pairs of the same shoes in different colours just because we could not decide which one looks better?

I bet a lot of us are guilty. And this is what minimalism aims towards.

In simple words, the objective of minimalism is to get rid of all the overindulgence (call it clutter) in life and stick only to the bare necessities. A minimalist wardrobe, a minimalist kitchen, a minimalist women’s bag! It is an idea pushing people to find happiness in the minimum necessities of life rather than hoarding things one may not even use. 

You must be wondering what has coconut oil got to do with minimalism? Well, let’s throw some light on it! Coconut oil has many benefits - for the skin, the hair, the gut and also as a quick polishing agent (think bags and shoes). Here are some of the ways this one item can be your minimalist home (and life) essential:

1. Makeup Remover

Minimalism doesn’t mean you don’t use makeup. However, instead of relying on a store-bought product meant specifically for makeup removal, why not resort to something more versatile in its usage?

Virgin coconut oil is a great substitute, in fact, sometimes even better than what we normally use. It’s 100% natural, has no chemicals and cleanses the skin while moisturising it. 

If you know of the double cleansing method, then go with coconut oil as a first step, followed by a mild face wash. It is a Korean skincare regime that has gained a lot of admirers!

Psst - Want to know how to make a face wash at home using coconut oil? Read on! 

2. Homemade Natural Facewash


The next step by default is washing your face to get rid of any residue makeup. And like we mentioned before, you can use the exact same ingredients to get a squeaky clean face! 

Have you heard of the oil cleansing method? It is about massaging your face with any choice of oil (we recommend cold-pressed coconut oil), running a face-cloth dipped under warm/hot water, squeezing off the excess and then using it as a warm compress on your face till it comes down to room temperature.

The result? Soft, flushed, clean skin! The antimicrobial properties of virgin coconut oil help keep bacteria away and also protect the face from any infection. It’s also safe to use on open wounds.

Now, to make a face wash using coconut oil, mix it with baking soda. When you achieve a paste-like consistency, apply it all over your moist face and gently rub it in a circular motion. 

Baking soda will gently exfoliate the skin and coconut oil will clear out impurities. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry. 

3. Natural Moisturiser  


No points for guessing you can use virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser. Whether it is after a quick shower or as a primer for your makeup, coconut oil keeps skin soft and dewy throughout the day. Trust your makeup to blend well and stay put for hours while making you look like a dewy goddess! 

4. Oil Pulling

1 tablespoon. 20 minutes. 5-6 days a week.

Follow this routine and bad breath or stained teeth won’t ever be a part of your life! We don’t recommend you switching to oil pulling and giving up on brushing, but you won’t need a mouthwash again when you have virgin coconut oil on your shelf.

Just never, ever swallow that bacteria-laden oil after you finish swishing. 

5. DIY Leg Scrub


Want to live a minimalist life but still want legs that look like Kendall Jenner’s? 

Mix coconut oil with a handful of sugar and here is your own, homemade DIY scrub. For best-looking results, use this on pre-waxed or shaved legs, the scrub will help you get rid of any dry patches or even ingrown while leaving behind a sheen that many crave to achieve! 

You can wash off with warm water (preferably since sugar can get pretty sticky). 

Alternatively, you could also try ground coffee beans in place of sugar granules. The lingering smell is going to make you think if you even want to leave home!

6. Deep Conditioner 

Once a week is a good start for a deep conditioning ritual at home.

What would you need? Some warm coconut oil and get a head full of luscious locks! Massage all through your hair strands, covering the length in an ample amount of oil. You could do a hot turban by soaking your towel wrap in slightly warm water, squeezing off excess and wrapping it around your hair such that the hair follicles open up to soak in the oil. Wash off after 30 minutes. 

7. Cooking oil 

Add it to your salads, smoothies, morning coffee or just about anything! This oil makes everything taste delicious while taking care of your insides. It’s considered beneficial for diabetics. It is also known to fight obesity, curb hunger, increase metabolism and lower cholesterol levels. 

So, virgin coconut oil is an absolute must-have for every minimalist! And we rest our case. 



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How to bye

Sarmistha Banerjee March 19, 2020

How to bye

Sarmistha Banerjee March 19, 2020

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