How to Treat Scars and Stretch Marks Using Coconut Oil?

From as long as I can remember stretch marks have been looked upon as something we should hide or feel ashamed about. But these marks are just a reminder of us being human. Having stretch marks means that you have the extraordinary ability to transform yourself.

Maybe you hit puberty and your body changed suddenly. Maybe you have gained or lost significant weight. Or, maybe you had children.  Whatever the reason, these stretch marks are just an expression of what your body has been through in its lifetime.

#TheCoconutPeople always advocates body positivity and want people to embrace their stretch marks. In fact, we do not recommend people employing any kind of cosmetic beauty treatments to get rid of scars or stretch marks. These beauty treatments are rich in chemical usage and come along with their own list of side-effects. 

If you are looking to treat your scars and stretch marks, you can resort to natural home remedies that are equally effective but free from any harmful side-effects. 

One such natural home remedy is coconut oil. The moisturizing property of coconut oil is great for your skin and its active ingredients are found to be very effective in fighting with scars and stretch marks. Let #thecoconutpeople help you understand how coconut oil is effective in treating scars.

How Coconut Oil Works Towards Reducing Scars and Stretch Marks?

One of the primary reasons for stretch marks (apart from rapid weight gain/loss) is the lack of collagen. Collagen is a protein that makes your skin more elastic. In the absence of this protein, the skin is not able to adjust with the increase or decrease in body mass and thus produces marks.

Coconut oil fights with stretch marks and scars by boosting collagen production in the skin. The increase in collagen makes the skin elastic and helps to reduce the fine lines. At the same time, it can help make the scars lighter by binding new skin tissues together.

Another important benefit of coconut oil is its amazing moisturizing property. When applied to any kind of wound scars, it creates a thick moisturizing barrier that protects the skin as it heals. This property is also quite beneficial in treating early scar marks.

Coconut oil also makes your skin tone more even by eliminating scar-related redness. If you have acne scars, coconut oil can help reduce it. It also puts a stop to hyper-pigmentation.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Scar Reduction

Coconut oil works to the best of its abilities only in its pure form. Therefore, when buying coconut oil make sure it is virgin, organic and cold-pressed. Pure coconut oil will have a very mild aroma as compared to the cosmetic ones sold over the counter. So, next time you make a run to grocery shopping, make sure to pick only the right oil.

For best results, use the oil twice a day by applying it to clean and dry skin. You can also use coconut oil in combination with other products such as Aloe Vera gel or almond oil for faster results.

Although coconut oil is totally natural and there aren’t any known side effects or sensitivity but it doesn’t hurt to do a patch test first. If you do not experience any irritation or inflammation on the patch within the first 24 hours, it can be considered safe to use elsewhere.

What to Expect

Not all scars are the same and therefore the effect of using coconut oil on different kinds of scars can be different. For example, while it can help totally remove the acne scars as they are mild, it can only lighten the surgical scars.  Similarly, your age, body type, and oil usage frequency will determine its effect on your stretch marks.

Treating stretch marks the natural way takes time and is not an overnight miracle. It will require strict discipline and some patience but the results will be fruitful. 

Although coconut oil is a completely natural product, its effects on scars and stretch marks can be as powerful as regular cosmetics but only without any harmful side-effects. The key is to use it regularly and be patient.

And most importantly, stick to virgin, organic coconut oil without any additives, like the one we make at ‘The Coconut People’.  Our oil is completely pure and is packed in glass bottles to increase shelf life.  

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