Coconut Oil & Body Odour: Cleaner Alternatives To Aluminium In Deodorants

Everyone sweats. It’s crucial for the healthy functioning of the body because perspiration, lovelies, is what keeps the body cool. If you didn’t sweat, you’d over-heat and nobody wants that. 

While the sweat patches on your favourite grey t-shirt can be easier to embrace (because go sweat positivity!), the smell can be a little bit of a well, stinky one. Body odour is all too real and can be an absolute nightmare for some people.  

We’re going to give you little go-to tricks to help with the body odour sans the Aluminium and also, we’ll tell you why Aluminium is a no-go. 

So, read on to know more!

What’s in our sweat?

Mostly just water! But it also contains miniscule amounts of minerals, lactic acid and urea.

Why do we sweat?

It can be due to a few different things. A bout of sweating can be brought on by: working out, humidity, spicy food and even alcohol, for some people. If your body temperature is rising, or if your body is tricked into thinking that it’s rising, it’ll prompt some sweating. This is the body’s way of keeping it cool, literally. And just as well, we say. 

But, why does it smell so bad?

It doesn’t! Sweat, by itself, is actually absolutely odourless. The smell happens when the sweat comes in contact with tiny bacteria that live in our pits. These bacteria then get busy and break the sweat down into fatty acids that can cause the potentially-dreadful odour. 

Why not just use an anti-perspirant to mask the odour? 

Anti-perspirants are evil. There, we said it. Most anti-perspirants block your sweat glands, by creating a thin gel-like layer with the help of Aluminium. This actually traps sweat in your glands (nasty) and hampers a normal, free-flowing body function. 

Why should we go Aluminium-Free? 

Because you don’t need to TRAP your sweat to get rid of the odour, which is what Aluminium does. Aluminium can also get absorbed through our pits and may not be a safe ingredient for direct use on our beautiful bods.

What should we do about it?

  • You could avoid odour-inducing foods like garlic, onions and cabbage. Because sulphur in these ingredients can potentially cause a foul-smelling odour (but we love our garlic and onion, so we’re just going to ignore this one)

  • Apply a thin layer of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil every day for 5-10 minutes before you take a shower and wash it off with a gentle cleanser in the shower. It’ll reduce body odour through the day. This is more like it!

  • You can also use an ultra-thin layer of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as a deodorant. Or any other deodorant. Just make sure it’s Aluminium-free. It is the answer to most of our under-arm odour woes. A deodorant helps mask the smell, but doesn’t block the sweat like an anti-perspirant. It’ll allow your body to do its thing while making you smell like a dream. Easy-peasy-squeezy. 

So, sweat on and embrace those patches, dearies! 

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Disclaimer: This blog doesn’t claim to remedy any medical health issues. If you have any medical health issues, do consult with a doctor.

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