Candles + Yoga & Meditation = Calmer than Cuddling with BAE

In the day and age we live in, it has become all the more important to stop and reflect on our lives and give ourselves the rejuvenation we deserve. It’s time to set the mood for a relaxed day of self-pampering, with soy-wax candles during your next home-spa sesh!

While yoga & meditation are sure to calm your mind, body and soul, adding candles to the mix transcends you to a spirited zen like no other. Such is the aura of these scented flickering delights that they take your olfactory senses on a ride to all things rosy and cosy.

Choosing the Right Type

Did you ever wonder that lighting just any candle can do you more harm than good? While shopping for one may not seem like much of a task than just opting for a fragrance you like, it is important to be conscious of the products you choose.

Paraffin candles release toxic carcinogenic fumes when lit, posing a health hazard for us and the environment. An eco-friendly & healthy alternative is to choose candles made of soy wax - a 100% natural wax derived from soybeans, which is non-toxic, burns slower, burns cleaner and emits less soot, thus lasting longer. Furthermore, you can choose to go eco-friendly all the way by making sure that even the candle’s packaging and container are made of sustainable/biodegradable/recyclable materials such as coconut shells, bamboo pots, jute bags etc.

Finding the Fragrance that Works Best for You

Fragrances are a tricky thing. While one may work for someone else, it doesn’t quite ensure that the same will work for you too. It is all about how your brain and the olfactory system weave the web of these fascinating connections between scent, memory, and emotions. Opt for scents that appeal to you more than the others, maybe ones that remind you of fond memories, a food or beverage you like, a flower or generally any scent that would calm your senses, thus setting the mood for a relaxing day.

Going About Your Home Spa Sesh

There’s something about those flickering flames that exudes a calming warmth throughout - exactly the kind of feelings that yoga aims at invoking. Candles, yoga & meditation go back a long way, what with associating fire to warmth, comfort and shelter, thus creating that familiar sense of relaxation. 

While bright lights tend to make you more alert, the soft glow of candles can take you closer to your subconscious, unveiling the inner workings of your mind and soul. Candlelight can be particularly inspiring to some, helping you clear out the noise and focus on what you truly seek.

Lighting candles during a yoga session can also help by reinforcing focus. Steadying your eyes on the flame can help you find a focal point and block out any distractions, like in the case of candle gazing meditation.

Aromatherapy is yet another way of inducing scented candles and enhancing yoga and meditative practices, what with the essential oils in the candles being therapeutic and calming. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, especially if you opt for scents that remind you of happy, safe and comforting emotions.

Having said that, all you need to do is keep it simple and make it special. Start by choosing the right kind of candles that are not just healthy for you, but for the environment as well. Choose your favourite scents and go about planning your next home spa cum yoga session with the wonder that are candles. We assure you, the combo will get you calmer than cuddling with BAE!

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