Can Virgin Coconut Oil Treat Fungal Infections Such as Ringworm

Fungal diseases can affect anyone. These infections are caused by fungi that are everywhere around us and are often harmless. But they sometimes affect people with low immunity. Mild fungal infections are very common and can cause redness and rashes in the skin.

Ringworm is itchy, uncomfortable fungal infections that can be hard to remove. It can happen anywhere on your skin but is most common on the arms and the scalp area. Due to its name, many people believe that ringworm is caused by a worm or a living parasite. However, it is caused by a fungus called "Tinea" and the name is mainly because of the ring-like shape that the infection takes.

You can treat these infections fast by addressing them at an early stage. However, as the case with most people (guilty here), they often ignore such infections until the problem aggravates. One major reason why people ignore the early signs of infection is because, for them, going to a medical store and buying over-the-counter medicine for the treatment seems like a mammoth task.

What if I tell you that fungal infections like ringworm or eczema can be treated with something that is already present in your home?

Yes, we are talking about the wonder oil - coconut oil.

How Coconut Oil is Helpful in Treating Fungal Infections

Thanks to its strong antimicrobial properties, coconut oil has long been used as a treatment for ringworm and other fungal infections.  Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid and antimicrobial lipids that provide it with strong anti-fungal benefits. These anti-fungal properties can eradicate mild or feigning fungal infections when applied topically.

Not only that, its anti-inflammatory property can prevent the infection from spreading and its moisturizing benefit can soothe the skin subsiding irritation and flakiness. Coconut oil lubricates the skin which makes it soft thus reducing healing time and also reducing the redness around the infected area.

How to Use Coconut oil to Treat Ringworm

First of all, it is important to have the right coconut oil with you. Always use virgin, organic, and cold-pressed coconut oil to treat fungal infections. Refined or impure oil may contain additives, which dilutes the antimicrobial properties of coconut oil making it less effective.

Using coconut oil to treat ringworm is quite simple. You have to just apply melted coconut oil to the affected area by using a cotton swab or a cotton ball. Make sure the infected area is cleaned and dried before you apply the oil.

You can also add other anti-fungal and antimicrobial ingredients like Tea tree oil (2 drops of tea tree oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil) with coconut oil to increase its effectiveness.

Always wash your hands before and after applying oil to avoid the risk of contamination to other parts of the body. Repeat the process for around four to five times a day.

Some people tend to stop the application once the symptoms are resolved. To avoid recurrence of infection, continue using the coconut oil for almost a week after the infection is gone.

Risks and Warnings

There are no known side effects of using coconut oil for treating fungal infections. However, if you are allergic to coconut oil, you should avoid using it. Also, if the infection still persists after using the coconut oil for a few days, you should consult a doctor.

People with recurring infections might also need to take antibiotic pills along with the application of coconut oil.

The Verdict

Researchers have proved that coconut oil is an effective anti-fungal. It has positive effects in treating mild cases of ringworm and other fungal infections. The best thing is that coconut oil is mostly available at home and has no known side effects or irritation like other OTC treatments. However, if the infection isn’t gone after a week of using coconut oil, go see a doctor.

Also, make sure you always use the purest form of coconut oil for the best results. Pure coconut oil will have a mild smell compared to coconut oil sold by cosmetic companies.

At The Coconut People, we only sell virgin, organic coconut oil extracted using cold-pressed technology. Our coconut oil contains only one thing-- ‘coconut oil’ and nothing else, thus making it ideal for use in the treatment of fungal infections.

People, who have used it swear by its quality which is maintained in high-quality glass jar packaging. 

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