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Oh baby! That face has a lot of secrets oozing out of it. Look at that glow!

100% virgin coconut oil for a soothing, relaxing, moisturising, antibacterial massage. Coconut and mint lip balm for plump, moisturised and pink lips.

Dreams come true? We know the mantra!



  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil  - 200ml
  • Coconut & Mint Lip Balm - 12gm


  1. SHEA BUTTER - Has mild SPF to protect your skin from UV rays. Also helps to heal dry and chapped lips.
  2. ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL- The skin on the lips are thin, making it sensitive to moisture loss.  Its moisturizing effects makes it ideal for chapped lips.
  3. MINT OIL - Menthol present in it cools down and refreshes wind-chapped or sun-burnt lips. Mint is also known to enhance blood circulation.
  4. BEESWAX - Naturally secreted by female bees, it has multiple properties making it the best bet for lip balms - from having a pleasant smell to treating cold sores and infections.


  1. ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTIFUNGAL - contains caprylic and lauric acid best known for their antiviral and antimicrobial effect. Regular intake keeps digestive worries away.
  2. REDUCES LETHARGY, INCREASES METABOLISM - medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are easier to break down and gets absorbed into the body, providing an immediate source of energy. Lets you burn more calories by stimulating metabolism. 
  3. SKIN, HAIL AND NAILS SOFTENER - Slows down premature ageing and wrinkling of the skin, has mild SPF of 8, makes hair shiny and soft, keeps nails strong and healthy.
  4. TEETH CLEANSER - Best for oil pulling (swishing a mouthful of oil in the mouth) to keep bacteria and bad breath away while improving overall dental health.


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