Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: An Immunity Booster


Monsoon is a much-awaited time of the year for most of us. The pitter-patter of rain-drops and the breezy weather are a reprieve from the hot Indian summer. But, monsoon also brings with it the much-dreaded flu season.

Immune systems are at an all-time low and that makes you more susceptible to the gazillion diseases doing the rounds. This is a great time to naturally bolster your immunity and your holistic medicine cabinet would be incomplete without Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

The health-fanatics of the world use Coconut oil in more ways than one can count. To remove make-up. To cook. To improve their metabolism. The list goes on. But, its immunity-bolstering property is a lesser-known one and an immensely useful one too. Its natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal characteristics make it an easy home remedy.

Coconut Oil derives its immunity-boosting property from two medium-chain, bio active fatty acids. Meet: Lauric acid and Caprylic acid. Their superpower is fighting microbes. Once consumed, Lauric acid converts into monolaurin which is said to be a strong fighter of viruses, fungi and bacteria. These are the same acids that are found in the breast-milk of a new mother, enhancing the immunity of a baby.

How Organic Virgin Coconut Oil battles immunity-invaders:

  1. Fights viruses: By improving the number of white-blood cells in your body, it aids it in fighting viruses and creating a hostile environment for them.

  2. Fights Candida: Candida is a yeast that is normally found in your body but can overgrow under stressful situations. The caprylic acid in the oil fights candida naturally. It can be used both internally and externally to deal with an overgrowth, tackling it from all angles. 1-2 tablespoons of oil can be consumed daily to help clear it.

  3. Protects your beautiful skin: The largest and the most important immune-organ in the body is your skin. It is also the most over-looked one. Slather the Coconut oil all over your skin to shield it from pollution, dust and disease. The oil is also easily absorbed into the blood-stream, protecting you from inside as much as outside.

To boost your immunity naturally, have a tablespoon or two of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil daily. If the idea of eating it raw is revolting, then add it to a smoothie, salad, curry or even a dessert. You won’t know it’s there! You can also add it to your black coffee to make yourself a nice cuppa’ bullet-proof coffee (no clue why it’s called that but it’s fun-sounding). This should get you through the monsoons flu-free, hale and hearty.

Alrighty then, Happy Monsoon-ing folks!

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