Coco Love for your Baby!

It is almost impossible not to be susceptible to a young infant’s charms. Their tiny bodies and small, wondrous eyes can charm the toughest crowds. Many people melt at the sight of a cooing infant or when they hold one in their arms. And let's not forget that they smell like heaven! The primal urge to touch a baby’s skin comes not just from affection but a desire to touch something pillowy soft and tender.

But as much as we love touching a baby’s soft skin, it is incredibly sensitive to germs and infections. Rashes and dryness are a common occurrence but they can be a cause of extreme discomfort to the baby. But there is no real need to reach out for expensive chemical products to soothe your baby. Almost all of a young baby’s skincare needs can be fulfilled by a trusted jar of organic, virgin coconut oil!

Coconut oil is naturally antifungal and antibacterial so it protects the baby’s skin from rashes and itching. Diapers can irritate the skin, leading to redness and infections - but coconut oil is a great way to combat that. A layer of coconut oil goes a great way to soothe and protect the baby’s soft skin.

A baby massage is a time-tested way to ensure nourishment and relaxation before bedtime. Coconut oil is a great massage oil as it locks the moisture into the baby’s skin. The subtle but sweet aroma of coconut oil also aids in relaxing the baby’s senses and ensures a good night’s sleep.

Coconut oil is also exceptional for a baby’s scalp and hair. Constant contact with the pillow and bed tends to make a baby’s hair frizzy and can lead to pain and discomfort when combed. Gently massaging the baby’s hair with coconut oil not only helps nourish the hair but also detangles and smoothens it. Coconut oil also helps keep infestation like lice and dandruff at bay thanks to its antibacterial properties.

A baby’s skin is almost 4 times more sensitive than an adult’s. Retention of moisture is difficult and hence a baby’s skin tends to get drier than usual and that too very rapidly. Not just the skin, but a baby’s lips can become chapped and result in difficulty while breastfeeding. A simple way to combat this problem is to apply some coconut oil on your baby’s lips for long-lasting moisture and nourishment.

Susceptibility to insect bites is a major concern when taking your baby outdoors. There is always a risk of redness and swelling, or worse - infection. Thankfully, applying a layer of coconut oil on your baby before stepping out goes a long way in ensuring your baby’s protection. Coconut oil is also naturally anti-inflammatory and can be used to treat an insect bite as well.

Babies are sensitive beings and it is up to us to ensure we do our best for their protection. The wonders of coconut oil have aided generations of infants and rightly so! Nature’s wonders go a long way to protect the earth, so why look anywhere else for our toddlers?

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My baby 8 months old use oli

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